Homeowner's Insurance

Homeowners insurance is a type of property coverage that pays to repair or replace your home and belongings if they are damaged, stolen or destroyed. It also provides personal liability protection for legal and medical payments if someone is injured at your home or you damage their personal property.  This insurance is typically required if you financed your home using a home loan, but it is highly recommended to have/maintain even if you do not have a home loan.

Helpful Tips for Homeowner's Insurance

  • Homeowners insurance is not required by law, but nearly all mortgage lenders mandate it.
  • If you financed using a home loan, insurance payments are typically included in your monthly payment. Contact your lender if you have questions.
  • Insurance premiums are typically due and adjusted each year.
  • Not everything is covered by a standard home policy. Typical exceptions include flooding, earthquakes, and acts of war. Talk to your insurance company for more on this.
  • Homeowner policy coverage has limits. It's a good idea to review these limits with your insurance agent annually and make adjustments as needed, especially if you have changes in your family.
  • Compare insurance companies for rates and coverages. If you carry home, auto, and other insurance through the same company, you can often receive discounts.

For a general overview on how Homeowner's insurance works and what is typically covered, please see this article from MarketWatch.


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