Lake Forest Park

Lake Forest Park is located at the northwest end of Lake Washington along State Route 522, which provides connections to Seattle and Bothell. Lake Forest Park includes several parks and nature reserves, access to the Burke–Gilman Trail, and organized summer events. Less than 4% of the city's land is zoned commercial, largely concentrated in one location, and there are no industrial areas.


  • Population

    About 23,000 people as of 2020.

  • Home Ownership

    80.9% homes are owner-occupied (according to Census data).

  • Walk-ability / Bike-ability

    Walk Score of 48/100.  Bike Score of 49/100 (according to Walkscore.com).

  • School District

    Shoreline School District


  • Horizon View
  • Sheridan Beach/Heights

Interesting Places To Visit:

Sunday Farmers Market opens in May and runs October on Sundays, from 10 am to 2 pm. Located in front of the Professional Building at the intersection of Bothell Way and Ballinger Way in Lake Forest Park, there is plenty of free parking. The market is full of vendors with locally grown food, flowers, plants, and crafts.


Town Center is a day-to-day gathering place for shopping, dining and entertainment, and truly the heart of Lake Forest Park.


Burke-Gilman Trail spans nearly 19 miles between Seattle and Bothell and is the thoroughfare for commuting to work and the University of Washington as it is a staple for social recreation and fitness. Built in the 1970s, the trail crosses into Lake Forest Park at mile 16, where you'll pass a serpent fountain and a mural as you parallel Bothell Way NE/State Route 522.


Grace Cole Nature Park is a 15.2 acre getaway wetland preserved for various native plants, birds and amphibians. It officially became a park on October 28, 2006. Grace Cole was a distinguished State Representative from 1982 to 1998. She was a superb legislator, Shoreline School Board member, civic leader and community advocate. The City purchased the land with state and county grants.