Should I Stay or Search?

Once you have done a home assessment and have taken an honest look at your goals and needs, it may be time to ask if your current home meets the desired lifestyle that you seek - not only now but for the near-future.

You may determine that your current home may meet your needs with some adjustments.  Perhaps a deep decluttering, reorganizing, and utilizing spaces differently may be all that's needed.  A more extensive change such as a new remodel or home addition could be perfect for you.

It could also mean that your current space simply doesn't meet your current needs and it's time to start searching.   A desire to save money and time on maintenance, or moving to a locale is that closer to family or new hobbies could be a great motivator.

Whether it's help for home decluttering, a referral for remodeling, or providing expertise to find your next new place to call home, I'm always here for you.

If there is anything in this section that you need help with, please don't hesitate to give me a call.  I have many connections and my vast experience and resources are always available to my clients.

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Shauna Willner
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